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School Re-Entry Update - Aug 4th

Hi Parents!

We've been taking a while to figure out how and what to post to you all regarding return to school. You, like all of us, have many questions and quite possibly don't know exactly what decision you want to make in the coming weeks or maybe no decision seems like the right one or maybe you are counting down the days until school starts!

Our situations are all unique and whatever decision we all make for our families is the right one. But there's one thing we have in common. We are a family and we need to cheer on and support each other, even if the decision your neighbour makes isn't the same one that you make.

So we have decided, as a School Council and Parent Association that we want to keep all of our platforms supportive and informative for all options that parents have available to them. We welcome all of your questions and opinions but kindly ask that they remain respectful of others.

In the coming week, we are going to kick off various types of platforms for you to ask questions and voice your thoughts, including in this FB group as well as on our website.

We will be engaging in conversations both with our Heritage Heights School Relaunch committee and the Foothills School Division Relaunch committee. We will ask the questions you have and voice your opinions. So we need to know:

<> How can we best support you in these coming weeks?

<> What questions do you have for either our school admin or the school board?

Please feel free to reply via messanger as well!


Erin, on behalf of HHPA

PS - credit for this graphic to a member of the Okotoks Mamas FB group, source unknown

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