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The pride of Heritage Heights is built on our strong family - school relationship.   

Our School Council and Parent Association Executives are mostly made up of the same individuals so that we carry consistency between both avenues of parent engagement.

School Council

Our structured group of parents, teachers and/or community representatives who come together monthly with a purpose to provide support to the school administration and enhance student learning.   All parents of children at Heritage Heights School are automatically members of the School Council.  School Council meetings are an avenue to offer support and advice to both the principal and the school board on topics relating to student learning.    Every school in Alberta that is governed by a school board, also has a school council, regulated by the School Act

Our Mandate is to focus on what is best for all students in the school and consider the interests of all school stakeholders.  We aim to develop, maintain and reflect the culture of the school in collaboration with the Heritage Heights Administration and represent the parent voice of our school community.

Our group meets monthly in the learning commons (excluding December).

See Meeting Dates HERE.

Parent Association (Fundraising Society)

Our Parent Association is a separate entity from the School Council, and focuses on providing additional resources and support to our Parent Community via fundraising activities that benefit our students.

The Parent Association meets after the School Council on alternating months.

Throughout the course of the year, we coordinate initiatives to bring our school community together in a social setting.

When parents pitch in to help our school, who wins?  Our kids...

Our Mission

Our school community gets stronger with every Husky parent who engages with both our School Council and Parent Associations.  

Through creative endeavors, we look to fund both short term and long term needs to benefit the educational experiences of our children.

In the long term, we aim to foster a supportive community environment that benefits all of our families at Heritage Heights.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We support our families, new and existing to have the best experience possible during their years at Heritage Heights.

We engage our community to get to know each other and get involved.

We provide outreach opportunities that parallel the school's educational goals, or on topics of interest to parents. 

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