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May 2024 Council & Parent Assoc. Meeting

Updated: May 27

Parent Association Organizational Meeting Highlights from our meeting on May 13th, 2024 at 3:30pm in the Learning Commons

Upcoming Events:

  • June 4th - Volunteer Appreciation hosted by School Students & Staff. Check your email for invites!

  • June 28th - Teacher Year End Appreciation. Watch for more information on how you can help us show ALL THE STAFF at Heritage Heights how much we appreciate them!

Quick Links:

Parent Association Open Roles:

We need a few eager parents to join the team! We are looking for volunteers who are interested in filling the role of:

  • Vice-President: responsibilities include supporting the role of President, general leadership of Parent Assoc. and overseeing all communication from the Parent Assoc. Time commitment - 4 hrs/week and monthly meetings.

  • Social Media Coordinator: responsible for creating and communicating on Social Media platforms for fundraising events, meeting notification, yearbook sales, hot lunch reminders and other notifications as needed, as well as website updates related to the above as needed. Time commitment - 4 hrs/week and monthly meetings.

Special Presentation:

Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation - Marica Law, Interim Executive Director

  • Mission - To build a community that empowers the students of Foothills School Division. 

  • Vision - The Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation’s vision is to remove financial barriers that impede academic success. 

  • Impact - The initial goals of the FFSF are:

  • To generate revenue to redistribute into schools.

  • To remove barriers that may impede academic success.

  • To promote innovative projects that contribute to a flourishing educational community.

  • To be recognized as a leader in the community. 

  • Upcoming Events: Golf Tournament on August 22nd 2024 Register to attend or inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

  • Interested in knowing more? Find the website HERE!

Parent Assoc. Report - Melissa Christensen

  • Family Dance was a HUGE success! Thank you to all the families who attended! The Dance Committee headed up by Andrea Berge did a wonderful job of transforming the gym into a space wonderland! We are so grateful to our community partners who donated a portion of their sales to Parent Association

    • Kona Ice Calgary South

    • Family Pizza in Okotoks

    • Flossy AF Cotton Candy

    • DJ Services provided by Angel

    • Concession Sale Items donated by Andrea Berge

  • Playground Upgrade & Enhancement Project

    • As part of the CFEP grant application preparation, we reached out to a couple of community partners to secure In-Kind donations that could be used towards our matching portion of the grant. We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the following businesses for stepping up to support our project:

      • Great Dane Ventures Ltd.

      • SoilKings

      • 310-Dump

    • Details on design and budget can be found on our website - CLICK HERE!

    • Grants submitted:

      • Dunbow Recreation Board - successful application for $45K dependent upon successfully receiving CFEP Grant from Gov't of Alberta

      • CFEP Grant - submitted! Notification will be provided by November 2024

      • Kal-Tire Replay - unsuccessful for 2024, but we were encourage to apply again in January 2025.

    • Watch for more information to come on how you can help!

  • Year In Review 2023 - 2024

    • New Initiatives

      • Husky Ice Partnership with Method Hockey: In June of 2022, Parent Association worked with School Administration to ensure that Husky Ice continued to operate at Heritage Heights. The partnership with Method Hockey was born and will continue into the next school year

      • Playground Project: In September, PA set the goal to have a project scoped by end of the school year, but we've been able to do MUCH more than that! We are well into the detailed design phase and have begun raising funds through grant applications.

      • Family Dance: In May 2024, we hosted our first family dance and raised $1,100 for Parent Association to use towards our annual budget.

      • Fresh Fruit Program: With financial support from D'Arcy Safeway and access to the School Nutrition Grant funds, Parent Assoc. committed to picking up fresh fruit available to all students for the week. A bowl of apples, bananas and oranges is always available for all students to grab and go!

      • Bank of Frank: Financial Literacy Program implemented and supported by Frank Salmon - Gr 9 Teacher. At The Bank of Frank, grade 7 -9 students participate in a simulated work environment where they earn minimum wage for attending classes, receive raises for academic achievements, and have opportunities to earn additional funds through tutoring and other activities. Through this hands-on approach, students learn about concepts such as taxes, earnings, deductions, and budgeting, preparing them for financial independence in the future. Parent Assoc. donated product from the concession and solicited donations of gift cards from D'Arcy Safeway to be used as raffle prizes. Students would spend their hard earned "Frank Bucks" on raffle tickets with the hopes of winning the gift cards and treats.

      • Supervised Lunch & Volunteer PD Lunch & Learns: Once a month, we gather volunteers to sit with the students as they eat lunch so that Teachers have the opportunity to gather together to d eat their lunch & connect. On an as-needed basis, we also supported the staff who chose to attend optional lunch & learns by supervising classrooms.

      • SignUp Genius for Volunteers: In conjunction with School Administration, managing Volunteers for both in-school & Parent Assoc. events was successfully trialed through SignUp Genius. Look for this to be expanded as we move into next year!

    • Continued Initiatives

      • Hot Lunch Program: As with last year, Free milk was offered for the first session of Hot Lunch via the School Nutrition Grant. This continues to be the largest source of income for Parent Association to fund initiatives within our school. Thank you to Jen, Cherie and Cherise for operating this program all year!

      • Yearbook: Headed up by Janelle, Parent Association continues to work with students and staff to produce an annual year in pictures to reflect on the year at Heritage Heights!

      • Fundraising Events: To increase funds available for school initiatives, Parent Assoc. raised funds by selling Davison Orchard Apples, Purdy's Chocolates and Winter Greenery & Spring Plants with Growing Smiles. Watch for Apple sales in the fall and a few changes in Fundraising for next year.

      • Teacher Meals During Interviews & Teacher Year End Celebration: Supported by parents and organized by Jen, meals are provided to staff during Parent Teacher Interviews. As a thank you for all the staff at Heritage Heights does for our students, a Year End Celebration where everyone gets a gift selected by random draw, is held on the last day of school.

      • Parent Presentation: Wellness Workshop for Families - Amber Pavey of Present Possibilities. Our Parent Presentation this year covered mindfulness, the importance of being present and how even one person in the household can impact the whole.

Upcoming Fundraisers:
  • Fall Apples will be our next fundraiser - watch for info on FaceBook, InstaGram and via emails in Late August!

By supporting fundraisers, Parent Assoc. is able to:

  • Support Trickster Theater Residency

  • Offer Skating on Enrichment Friday

  • Support our Teachers by providing funds to be used to supplement supplies for their classrooms

  • Hosting events & meals to show our appreciation for our staff

  • Host & support various school events

  • Support Athletic & Husky Ice Programs

  • Subsidize Field Trip Transportation

  • Provide funds to enhance learning - think of tech for STEAM

  • Upgrades to the playground

Thank you for supporting Parent Association so we can support our school!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

June 10, 2024

Location: HHTS Learning Commons

Time: 3:30-5:00pm

Children & Siblings welcome!

Supervised Lunch Dates:

Once a month, parent volunteers supervise students in the classroom while students eat lunch. This gives our much loved teachers an opportunity to eat their meal in the staff room together.

If you have time on the following dates, from 12 - 1pm or 12:30 - 1 to help out, use the link below to sign up.

  • June 13th

SignUp Genius Link:

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