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Hot Lunch is BACK!!!

Hello parents!! Well the time has come again for Hot Lunch to open for your favorite kind of lunches, the ones that magically appear in front of your student and you didn’t have to pack it!!! Please take note that this is a super fast turnaround so orders and payments need to be taken care of right away. The system will close at midnight Friday October 2nd, with the first lunch being Monday October 5th.  Hot Lunch will look a little different as we are breaking down the length of our lunch ordering sessions. The first session will be a 6 week term and then late October/early November, the system will open again for the 5 week period before Christmas break. Etransfers and PayPal are preferred payment methods as we move forward but of course money is money and will take cash or cheque as well if this is what works for you. As per usual, refunds will not be given for field trips, vacations or regular illness. These lunches can be picked up by yourself or be redirected to a sibling or a friend. If a Covid situation arises, credits will be given to your existing account, cash refunds will not be given.  The Husketeria will NOT be available to Kindergarten through to Grade 6 at this time. Please be sure to order in advance.  Grade 7-9 will have access to purchase extra lunches and snacks during their lunch period. Thanks for your understanding as we adapt to different procedure! A new account must be created at the beginning of every year and students need to be placed in their correct classrooms. School code is HH2020HL. However, if you ordered apples, you will already have an open account and you will just need to add your students. Any existing credits from last years hot lunch program will only appear if you use the SAME email account that you did last year. Please contact me at if you have questions or do not see your credit.  Please email with any questions you may have! Happy lunching!!! Thank you so much for supporting our school with this awesome fundraising event.

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