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Heritage Heights School Welcome from Administration

Welcome back to a new year at our school. Mr. Gibson is betting Launching a School During a Pandemic will eventually become a University course in the very near future. Luckily our staff has already passed their 101 level with flying colours and are ready to invite our students back next week. We have spent our last couple days working together as a team to fully understand and empathize with both our current context and how our students may be feeling upon reentering our school next week. We know many of you have been wondering about our enrolment numbers after receiving information from the reentry planning survey. Approximately 10% of our students have chosen the HUB model, as well as a number of other families have chosen alternative plans for the year. Our enrollment of in-class students is currently approximately 477 students which averages to 22 students in classrooms with the largest classrooms in our junior high wing. Our gradual relaunch next week will provide valuable feedback for us, and we will adjust plans to support students if needed. First Week Back Schedule Monday – No classes Tuesday – Pre-booked tours, teachers will contact you soon to book these. Wednesday – Students with family names starting with letters A-L. (Full day, buses running) Thursday – Students with family names starting with letters M-Z. (Full day, buses running) Friday – All students. (Full day, buses running) Kindergarten First Week Back Schedule K1: Monday/Wednesday Class Last names starting with letters A-M: First day of school will be Wednesday, September 2 from 10am-1pm. Last names starting with letters N-Z: First day of school will be Friday, September 4 from 10am- 1pm. The first full day of Kindergarten for ALL K1 students will be Wednesday, September 9. K2: Tuesday/Thursday Class Last names starting with letters A-M: First day of school will be Thursday, September 3 from 10am-1pm. Last names starting with letters N-Z: First day of school will be Tuesday, September 8 from 10am-1pm. The first full day of Kindergarten for ALL K2 students will be Thursday, September 10.

Our keys to start this year, are as always, to ensure all students feel as safe, comfortable and welcome here at Heritage Heights and we thank-you for your patience as we attempt to ensure our plans follow Alberta Health recommendations. We will continue to focus on making our mission and vision the core of our daily work with children, teachers and parents. Excellence, Integrity and Leadership guide all that we do at Heritage Heights and we hope this guides you too in preparing your child for school next week. Each day, please remember to:

  1. Complete daily a review of your child’s symptoms as per AB Heath Self-Checklist.

  2. Talk to your kids about the importance of physical distancing, hand hygiene and the importance of not sharing personal items or food.

  3. Support your child(ren), emotionally, during this transition understanding that every one of us has changed and we will recover together through understanding, flexibility and kindness.

At this moment, we are still in the process of finalizing class lists. With moving students, we are relying on our understanding of each child to build these rosters to encourage balance, friendships, and learning partnerships to support all learners. You will receive information regarding class placement on Monday. Please see the school website for class supply lists. Upcoming Events (all normal gatherings will be held virtually until AB Health Guidelines change) September 10th Opening Week Assembly/Husky Pride Day – Wear your Husky colours if you can! September 16 Virtual Meet the Teacher (details will follow) September 17 Terry Fox Run (TBD) September 23-24 No Classes/FSD Fall Learning Conference September 29 Orange Shirt Day We look forward to communicating regularly with you as we relaunch into our normal routine. Sincerely, Lauren and Glenn

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