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We're all in this together! Back to School 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

              On behalf of both the Heritage Heights Parent Association and the Heritage Heights School Council, we want to welcome you back to the new school year and let you know that we’re here to support you during these unprecedented times.

              If you are new to our school, we extend an extra welcome and hope that both you and your children feel at home here right away.  If you ever have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on our executive team.   This year will be unique for us as we support parents and their choices sending kids back to school as well as completing their studies online.  We are a strong community of parents and school staff and we will navigate these unknown waters together as best we can.  

We will be increasing our presence on our website and Facebook & Instagram platforms.  All information shared with parents will always be shown on all 3 formats.  If you wish to join our FB group, please search for “Heritage Heights Parent Association” and we will gladly add any parents to the group.   NEW:  All communication from the parent association will come directly from us—newsletters and emails will no longer be sent through the school.  Therefore, it is important that if you wish to hear from us through the year that you subscribe to receive communication from us through our website and agree to all FOIP terms.  Our website can be found at

We will be continuing our school council meetings via an online forum this year, with our first meeting taking place in late September.  Though we will conduct School Council and Parent Association meetings back to back on meeting dates, it is important to note that they support our school in different ways.  Our School Council is an avenue to share our parents thoughts and concerns with the administration and provide direction and guidance from a parent perspective.  Our Parent Association is both our avenue for fundraising for the school as well as bringing our Husky Community together.

We are always looking to hear from our parents and urge you to become involved with our Parent Association or School Council.  If you are interested in participating on our executive team, terms for the following positions renew this year:  Chair, Secretary, Fundraising Director.  Please contact if you are interested.

Finally, we do not yet know what our volunteer opportunities will look like for parents, but we still want to keep our army of parents at the ready for when they are needed.  Please go to our website and complete the Volunteer Form to be contacted when required.

These may be unique times, but what hasn’t changed is the strong and caring community of parents that backs our school.  We are all looking forward to a great year of working with you!

Thanks kindly,

Erin James


Welcome Letter 20-21 posted 08-14-20
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