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2020 -2021School Council & Parent Assoc.Meeting Dates

FIRST MEETING Tuesday September 22nd - School Council (SC) & Parent Assoc. (PA)at 6:30pm

All meetings this year will be on  Tuesday at 6:30pm via Zoom (link to be sent closer to meeting date) Meetings will be a Zoom Town Hall format this year. All attendees will be muted, to comment / be unmuted participants will need to ‘raise hand’ or can ask questions via Chat which will be monitored during the meeting.  Parent Association meeting will follow the School Council meeting on the dates indicated below or as needed. The Zoom session will cover both meeting times, so there will not be a need to rejoin. PLEASE NOTE: AGMs for School Council and Parent Association will be held on Tuesday, October 20th starting at 6:30pm. Download Zoom at

Meeting Dates for the Year Tuesday October 20th - AGM SC & AGM PA at 6:30pm Tuesday November 24th - SC at 6:30pm Tuesday January 5th - SC & PA at 6:30pm Tuesday February 2nd - SC at 6:30pm Tuesday March 2nd - SC & PA at 6:30pm Tuesday April 20th - SC at 6:30pm Tuesday May 11th - SC & PA at 6:30pm Tuesday June 8th - SC  & PA at 6:30pm

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