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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The unofficial anthem of back to school - at least for parents!

I know it plays in my head just before school starts. But the gratitude I feel as structure returns and our kids go back to see friends as they enter a new grade, also brings a tear to my eye as I reflect on how big my kids are getting. I often find myself repeating my grandma's response as I updated her with grades and ages "How can that be?!" she would exclaim. How can it be that we are starting another school year, with summer in the review mirror and all the opportunity and energy that fall brings? While we are closing in on the end of a year, I often feel a renewed energy to set a few new goals (or reinstate those set in January)! Looking forward to this school year, I am excited for all there is to come!


It's always a quick turnaround for this fundraiser - orders are due


Pick up @ Heritage Heights School on September 27th, 3-5:30 pm


Our major project from last year is about 1/2 done. We are on a slight pause as we evaluate the costs incurred to date. At this point in the project, we have a safe and usable structure for teachers and students. Don't worry - we plan on completing the project by the end of October.

Huge thanks to Dunbow Recreation Board for providing a $20,000 grant towards project funding! And to all of you! Your support of our Hot Lunch Program and various fundraisers have allowed the Parent Association to fund the rest.


I can't even wait for this to start again! Watch for ordering information to come mid-month with delivery beginning in October.


We have missed Science Night for the past two years and are hoping to be able to resurrect this popular event in Spring 2023. Watch for more information to follow!


We are seeking a few people to join our amazing team of parents in the roles of:

1. Vice-President - support all other roles and help organize volunteers for the Casino

2. Treasurer - help keep track of all things money

3. Yearbook Liaison - coordinate with Lifetouch & support school yearbook team

4. Social Organizer - organize community nights like Science Night & Movie Night

Email for more info!

CASINO - April/May/June 2023

Parent Association has been slotted for a Casino in Q2 of 2023. Watch in the new year for details on how to volunteer and help us earn big bucks for the school.


Membership is open to all guardians of students at Heritage Heights, free of cost. Membership is renewed annually via our membership form. If you want to vote at Parent Association meetings, you need to be a member!

First Council Meeting - Tuesday, Sept 20th @ 6:30 pm

AGM for Parent Association Tuesday, October 18th @ 6:30 pm

As always, please feel free to reach out to Glenn Gibson or myself with any questions or concerns. Here's to a great year! 😁

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